Using Twitter As A Business Tool

Mar - 16 2015 | By

twitterSocial media is definitely a strong asset to have in your arsenal, when it comes to online business. The majority of savvy business owners realize now more than ever that a social presence is imperative to having a successful business. There are many reasons why a person would want to get Twitter involved with their business.

Customer Relationships

The first reason is to be able to have a good connection with customers and potential customers. The majority of people living in the United States and around the world have some type of social media site and Twitter is a very well-known site. Customers that are using the business product or service will be using sites like Twitter and they will login all the time. If there is a customer that is very satisfied with a business or is very unsatisfied with a business they will generally be using their Twitter account to post that information. When a business sees any negative or positive remarks about their business they can quickly tweet in order to retain their customer or defend their business.


The next very important reason why a company would want to get involved with Twitter would be because of marketing. Marketing is one of the most expensive things when it comes to offering a service or a product. When it comes to social media sites such as twitter a person can advertise their business and it is completely and totally free. It may be necessary to hire a person to run the Twitter account, because the business definitely wants to have constant presence when it comes to their social media.

Keep Prospects Informed

The next best thing about owning a Twitter account is that a company or business can keep all of their clients and potential clients up-to-date with anything new and exciting goings on with the business. If there any special deals for any promotions that are going on with the business, by updating the Twitter account for the business all of the clients will be up-to-date with what is going on. Apart from that if the business is offering any special promotional code or coupons they can advertise those things on their Twitter account and direct their clients right back to the website. Another good reason to have a Twitter account is to be able to look at the other businesses that are offering similar products and services as well. By being able to look at the competition a business can stay up-to-date on their advertising and promotions and they can keep themselves ahead of the game.

There is no doubt about it, it is imperative to have a social media presence when it comes to business marketing, advertising, and customer retention. Since that is the case, many businesses are buying twitter followers to help retain and gain more customers.