4 Things To Remember When Using Glucosamine For Your Dog

Dec - 06 2016 | By

dog glucosamineWatching your dog grow older is something that is often experienced with mixed feelings. While it is exciting to know that your pet lived a full life, just like human beings, dogs also suffer from a variety of age-related disorders. Often, the natural aging process causes the dog to slow down. However, the signs that come with slowing down may be an unwillingness for your dog to move around due to constant joint pain. The lack of frequent motion usually leads to muscle stiffness. Apart from this, osteoarthritis is also a condition that may be responsible for joint pain in elderly dogs.

Known as the natural substance that is found in your pet’s body, glucosamine is solely responsible for repairing body tissues. Usually, aging dogs have a reduced production of this substance, therefore, preventing them from healing quickly. The good news is that glucosamine dog chews are known for restoring the dog’s joint functions and high activity level. Here are four things to remember when administering glucosamine to your dog:

The supplement lacks side effects

There is nothing better than a safe and natural way to improve a dog’s functionality, thus, it is important to note that glucosamine is responsible for this. After getting started on the supplement, you will quickly notice a great improvement in your pet. Known for a lack of side effects, glucosamine only works as intended; by restoring good health. However, it is important to advise your veterinarian on any medications that your dog is under, to ensure rare side effects do not occur.

Glucosamine is a slow but sure supplement

If you are giving glucosamine to your dog, do not expect to see instant results. Your dog will typically start on a high dose for several weeks, but this should be reduced to a lower maintenance dose eventually. Glucosamine is best for use for a dog’s entire lifespan. In fact, joint pain may recur if the joint supplement is discontinued.

Ditch the pills and go liquid or chew

Depending on the kind of dose that your dog takes it is always a constant struggle to force the pills down the dog’s throat. It’s just not pleasant for you or them. Therefore, it is easier to pour the liquid form of glucosamine over their food, or give them a chew or treat form of the supplement. Most have a decent flavor so the dog won’t mind it.

Always incorporate glucosamine into their diet

You do not have to wait for the problem to escalate, making a habit out of combining regular doses of glucosamine with dog food is a sure way to keep any joint dysfunction at bay. The supplement can be combined with lean meat, cooked rice or even pressed garlic. As different dogs have different preferences, ensure that the meal is palatable to your dog. Products where the glucosamine is buried into the chew can often be a more convenient way to give it to them.

As a dog is a man’s best friend, it is important to also find the best cure for it when it is ailing. The proper use regular doses of glucosamine ensures that your dog will live a pain-free life that is full of love and excitement.