6 Benefits To Grooming Your Dogs

Feb - 09 2016 | By

stylish dogsWhy should I groom my dog? Can’t my dog take care of himself? The answer may seem obvious to dog owners who have had dogs for some time but I frequently get asked this question by new dog owners. Despite this day and age, many of these new dog owners still think dogs don’t need regular grooming- that the dog can take care of itself. I would like to highlight to you at least 6 benefits of grooming your dog on a regular basis and the additional benefits that I have personally experienced by grooming my dogs myself. If you’re looking for a safe shampoo, I recommend Nootie’s. You can buy their antibacterial dog shampoo here.

Benefits to grooming your dog properly on a regular basis include:

1. It enhances the overall health of your pet

Grooming enhances your dog’s overall health in a number of indirect ways. By grooming your dog, he may feel mentally and physically good because of the attention you are giving to him. On top of that, your brushing of his coat is a form of massage that helps him to improve his blood circulation – boosting muscle mass and minimizing infections. His immune system is further improved through proper diet.

It can ensure that your dog is mentally and physically in top condition as a result of the attention. Furthermore, it can improve the circulation, boost muscle mass and reduce the possibility of infection.

2. Promotes the health of your dog’s coat

Regular brushing and grooming of your dog’s coat encourages the health and vitality of your dog’s skin. Brushing regularly boosts the blood flow underneath your dog’s coat. This in turn stimulates the cells and that they get the oxygen they need via the bloodstream. By washing and brushing, you also help your dog to clear the toxins that may get caught in his fur.

3. Grooming removes odors

You know that smell, right? You can always tell if you walk into a dog owners’ house – whether they are one who grooms his dog on a regular scheduled basis while the other only does so occasionally. If you regularly give your dog a bath as a part of his grooming schedule, you will find that you will keep the “dog smell” to a bare minimum. In fact, your dog may even smell good.

4. You can spot problems before they arise

By grooming your dog regularly, it provides you the opportunity to be close to your dog. In this way, you are in a better position to spot anything that may happen to your dog before it arises.

5. Reduces the cost of grooming

The costs of grooming from a professional dog groomer are getting higher and higher. Why not save some money and do the grooming at home, instead?

6. Enhances the bond between yourself and your dog

Make it an enjoyable time for both you and your dog in each of the grooming sessions. The more time you spend with your dog, the closer the bond is between you and your best friend.
Proper dog grooming on a schedule basis is important to keep your dog healthy.